Le petit remplacement

A fictional series written by Yashar Alishenas & David Steiner

Synopsis of the serie

A failed comedian tries to make a new life for himself as a substitute teacher in a affluent and very, very select school, but he clearly goes too far when he starts hiding a child refugee in his institution. In order to cover up the child's antics, the neurotic teacher entangles himself in an ever-growing web of lies and deceit. Until he jeopardizes not only his own well-being, but the very fabric of the school, which slowly descends into mayhem. Few of the afflicted keep their peace to witness the painful, comical and absurd way in which the best of intentions unwittingly produce an avalanche of chaos. 

Format: 16/9 - 10x30’ - Colour - HD
Production: UN FILM À LA PATTE
Fundings (development): Contrat triennal Strasbourg capitale européenne 2021-2023

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